Day: March 6, 2023

Small Wheels For Furniture

Suitable for a variety of tasks, these small wheels for furniture wheels can handle all your light duty moving needs. Best of all, they are cheap and easy to install!

Featuring 2 swivel castors with 125mm brake, this gizmo will get the job done. Its high quality, stylish and clear polyurethane tread protects hardwood, laminate, tile or slate from scratches, dents or tears. A good quality wheel also has a smooth rolling, anti-squeak design for years of worry-free use.

Small Wheels, Big Impact: The Benefits of Using Wheels for Furniture

It’s important to choose the right caster for the task at hand. The size, material and design of a caster will impact how well it moves furniture. Choosing the wrong one for your needs could cause damage to floors or cause your equipment to fall over. In order to be successful, you need a caster with a large load capacity and a smooth rolling design.

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