Healthcare Logistics in New Zealand

Healthcare Logistics in New Zealand

Healthcare logistics in New Zealand includes the movement of individuals between healthcare facilities and their destinations, as well as the transportation of medical supplies between such facilities. There are many different types of healthcare logistics providers in New Zealand including international healthcare logistics, which often cater for larger patients and foreign clients. Some smaller healthcare logistics providers focus on domestic and limited patient transport. The New Zealand government has been actively encouraging the growth of these small providers through various incentives and financial packages. Other healthcare logistics providers offer truckload, door-to-door service and provide freight services to local businesses, helping them provide local healthcare and transportation solutions – Find out

Different types of healthcare logistics providers in New Zealand

In New Zealand, a healthcare logistics provider is responsible for procuring all the medical supplies and equipment for the patient’s care from suppliers. They then transport this inventory to the necessary locations for use by the healthcare team. While there may be occasional variation in the type of service provided, the primary functions of the provider are to secure the supply chain, secure patient healthcare and keep tabs on activity within the supply chain. The primary drivers of healthcare logistics in New Zealand include hospital staff, doctors, nurses and technicians.

If you’re a healthcare logistics provider in New Zealand looking to expand your presence in this growing market, there are several options available to you. Some healthcare logistics providers will work with you on a part-time or full-time basis, while others will work on a contractual basis either for short periods or a longer term. Many also offer other services such as customised project management and supplier management, providing you with the tools to manage your own business and retain your clientele. There are also several healthcare logistics providers in New Zealand willing to expand their footprint overseas, taking up positions in other countries where healthcare is growing rapidly.

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