How to Change Motorbike Handlebars

How to Change Motorbike Handlebars

motorbike handlebars

When choosing motorbike handlebars, it’s important to consider the width of the bar, which refers to how wide it is at its center clamping area. You should select a bar with enough width to fit the attachments you need to hold onto the bike. Likewise, the height of the motorbike handlebars should be based on your riding position and shoulder width. It will affect your visibility, grip feel, and seating position.

Handlebars With Complete Safety And Security

Before buying motorcycle handlebars, consider what type of riding position you will be using the bike for. Make sure you have enough leg room so your feet can reach the pedals easily. If you don’t want to be leaned against the handlebars, ask someone else to help you adjust the arms, and take measurements of your height and width. Then, choose handlebars that fit your measurements perfectly. While the lowered, drag-style handlebars are more comfortable for long rides, they have lower aerodynamics and may not fit your body type.

To change the handlebars of your motorcycle, you must remove the controls and mirrors from the motorcycle. Next, you need to loosen the riser bolts on the handlebar, which will allow you to slide the handlebar over. Once the handlebars have been removed, you should remove the hand controls, clutch and brake. Ensure that you have a clean and flat workspace before changing the handlebars. Once you’re finished, you can install the new motorbike handlebars with complete safety and security.

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