Improving Customer Service Through Suggestion Boxes

Improving Customer Service Through Suggestion Boxes

For decades, the suggestion box has been used as part of the customer suggestion program in retail stores. A customer suggestion box is usually a small cardboard box with two or three pieces of paper folded together in the same shape as a checkbook. The idea behind the boxes is that you can put a simple “Thank You” note on the front with your name and address printed inside of it. Many retail stores use the suggestion boxes – Ltc or Tip – as part of their “customer service tag” for things like the display of gift-wraps and checkout lanes.

Here Is A Quick Cure For Improving Customer Service Through Suggestion Boxes

The purpose of the suggestion box isn’t only to help staff members get to know their customers better; it also helps them to identify the problems or needs of their own customers. The idea is to offer a friendly, no-nonsense approach to resolving customer issues. One drawback to the “service through the window” model of retail is that managers are often stuck dealing with unruly or difficult customers – the ones that are usually the most irate. These customers are usually demanding, stubborn, and even verbally abusive. By creating the “service through the window” suggestion boxes – where managers can come in and talk directly to the customer – managers can address the problems that these types of customers are causing without having to deal with a potentially hostile situation.

In addition to the obvious positive results of the feedback they receive from this method, there are also some other benefits to be gained by using suggestion boxes. For example, instead of losing valuable time doing repetitive phone surveys, the manager can solicit suggestions from the public as to what improvements need to be made. This can be done simply by placing the feedback forms on the sales floor, where people will be sure to see them. Alternatively, if your department is holding a meeting or seminar, feedback forms can be placed strategically throughout the event, offering your attendees some quick opportunities to provide you with feedback. Whatever the method used, adding suggestion boxes to your business will not only give you an opportunity to collect feedback quickly, but will also help improve your organization’s performance!

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